Client Feedback

Here is some feedback from my clients

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your help. After twenty years of panic and anxiety the work that we did has really changed my life.

Since our last sessions I’ve been feeling completely fine for ages. But last week I had some upsetting news and the old anxiety feeling seemed to start rising again. You’ll be pleased to hear that I dealt with it and was not overwhelmed. Thanks to the work we did I now have a way to cope and no longer fear it. Thank you so much”

L A, Anxiety/Panic Attacks


“Thank you, Trish, for the excellent BWRT session we had recently. You helped me to clearly identify past successes on which I will be able to build the success I am looking for in my future.
The therapy has given me a new found confidence in my ability to reach the long term goals I had set myself and allowed me to put ideas into practice rather than leave them on the “drawing board”.
I feel a new person with no room for doubts. I would be happy to recommend your services. Regards, Alison.”

Alison F, Performance Enhancement


“Having hypnotherapy to deal with my underlying anxiety was one of the best decisions I have made. It had been part of my life since my teens but got steadily worse once I was working in a demanding environment. I always feel the need to push myself hard at work but would be consumed with anxiety in the days leading up to a big meeting or whenever I felt under pressure to perform. In the hypnotherapy sessions I felt so comfortable and safe, and after the session so relaxed. It has hugely improved my confidence and when I look back I’m amazed at the difference now in the way I feel – relaxed and prepared but no longer anxious.”

Anxiety / Stress (Work Related) Client


“I was unsure how relevant hypnotherapy would be to my particular issues but had decided to give it a go since I was very curious about it. I am so glad I did. The sessions with Trish felt like a complete treat, something for me. Entering the therapy room was like a welcome escape from everyday life, almost entering into the twilight zone, in the nicest possible way. Suffice to say it was very pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable, restorative. I gained a new perspective and it helped me to come through a really challenging time in my life with a more positive outlook.”

Relationship Issues Client



“Trish is an exceptionally skilled practitioner and she has helped me a lot. In the sessions we have had together she has taken the time to really listen to me and consider the best approach for the issues I was facing. I loved the hypnotherapy which not only made me feel calm and grounded at the time but also gave me the tools to return this feeling when I needed to in my every day life. Trish practices in an intelligent and sensitive way and I would highly recommend her. “

Hazel W, Anxiety issues


“The service was excellent. Trish is a superb practitioner. I found the sessions extremely beneficial and easy to follow. My theme was weight loss and the support Trish offered was over and above what I paid for. Her generosity and dedication to her profession shone through. It was deeply appreciated. I’m still using the emailed worksheets she’s provided for back up and the downloaded recorded sessions. I’m looking forward to Trish starting up a new weight loss group in the near future.”

Caroline H J , Weight Management


“The binge eating has stopped completely. Instead of cakes and biscuits I’ve been eating salads. I couldn’t wait to taste some carrots as soon as I left you the last time…”

Weight Management Client


“At the beginning of the hypnosis session I was thinking that I really didn’t feel all that relaxed – it had been a rush to get there, but as I was listening I started to drift mentally into a dream like state. It felt so pleasant that I just wanted to go with it. And then I slowly came to the surface as if emerging from deep sleep. The time seemed to pass so quickly that I couldn’t believe it had gone dark already when it was still light when we started. Haven’t smoked a cigarette since then, although I sometimes recognised the triggers when I would usually want to smoke, it passed quickly…”

Stop Smoking Client