Hypnotherapy Stress  - crowd sceneHypnotherapy Stress Treatment appointments are available at the Highgate Consulting Rooms, West Hill House, Swains Lane, Highgate.

Appointments are also available in London Bridge, Queens Park, and at City Road, EC1.

What is Stress?

Stress usually refers to the feelings of pressure people feel, when certain life events, or internal and external stressors create more pressure than they can handle.

A wide range of factors can contribute to stress. Major life changes over which you have little or no control can cause stress. These include marriage, bereavement, serious illness in the family, moving home, having a baby or redundancy.

On the other hand, a long period of difficult circumstances can also cause stress – for example troublesome relationships, unemployment, difficulties at work.

Work related stress is very common. The reasons can include overwork, dealing with difficult people, worries about job-related performance, concerns about your relations with superiors, as well as anxiety over deadlines, meetings and presentations.

Hypnotherapy Stress Treatment can help you change your response to stress

Stress is not always a bad thing. A certain amount of stress can be positive – it’s good to have some changes in your life and deadlines can help to spur you into action. It can actually be just as stressful sometimes not to have these things in your life, as it is to have too much of them. What’s needed is a healthy balance.

It’s also important to recognise that people are different. One person may be able to deal with a certain level of stress, and even find it stimulating. While another person could find it detrimental, especially if it is heaped on top of other stresses that they are already experiencing.

The physiology responsible for feelings of stress is known as the Fight or Flight Response.

How do you recognise when you are stressed?

The symptoms of stress can include difficulty concentrating or making decisions. You may have sleep difficulties or headaches. Feelings of anxiety, depression, ‘feeling low’ and irritability can also be signs of stress.

If you are under stress for a sustained period, you might experience an increase in ailments. This is because stress can lower your immune system response and make you more susceptible to illness. Of course there may also be other reasons for any physical condition. But the degree of stress you are under is something that should be considered since stress tends to worsen physical symptoms.

How can hypnotherapy help stress?

Hypnotherapy can directly address feelings of stress by introducing a form of relaxation. It helps you to normalise your breathing, focusing firmly on you being in control. Also, it can address some of our negative reactions to stress such as smoking, over-eating and sleep difficulties. Most importantly, it can help you to increase your personal resilience. So that you can minimise the negative effects of stress.