Weight Management

weight loss with juicy applesHypnotherapy for Weight Management is available at the Highgate Consulting Rooms, West Hill House, Swains Lane, Highgate.

Appointments are also available at the Fierce Grace Therapy Rooms in Kilburn Lane, Queens Park, and at City Road Therapy, City Road, EC1.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Management (Weight Loss)

If you have struggled with your weight, my hypnosis weight management sessions could benefit you. First it is important to understand your own personal issues around weight gain. The cause of gaining weight is always that more calories are being taken in than are being burnt up.

However underlying this simple fact could be many different reasons. These could vary from simply eating too much for your body needs, to eating the wrong types of foods,

You may be taking too little exercise. A tendency towards emotional eating is another possibility. Such as eating or drinking too much through boredom or stress, for example.

So the first step will be to assess and explore the problem and then to devise a tailored treatment plan. You may be very aware of what your particular issues are pertaining to weight gain. Or you may wish to spend more time exploring the underlying reasons.

Sometimes we may need to deal with cravings for a particular type of food, such as chocolate or sugar ‘addictions’. In other cases you may need a more general program.

What is important is your belief that you can achieve the weight that you want. We would use hypnosis to work on that belief until it is really strong and powerful.

It helps to envisage clearly the shape and weight target you want to attain. Powerful thoughts help to create your reality while hypnosis can help you to truly believe in a successful future.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a popular request. If desired, we can include this in a Weight Management program.

Effective weight management through hypnosis is normally achieved in up to five sessions. The program includes recordings that you can listen to at home. This reinforces the work done in our sessions.