Weight Management

Hypnotherapy Weight Management sessions are available online via video call.
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In person sessions are now available at the Highgate Consulting Rooms N6 and Queens Park W10.  Also at City Road Therapy, City Road, EC1 and in London Bridge SE1.


Hypnotherapy for Weight Management (Weight Loss)

Managing your weight effectively has huge benefits for your health and self-esteem. My hypnotherapy weight management sessions help you to take control of your food responses. It’s a program tailored specially for you and based around your own personal issues around weight gain.


So how can I help you to manage your weight with hypnotherapy?

There can be many reasons for gaining weight. They could vary from simply eating too much for your body needs, to eating the wrong types of foods. You may be taking too little exercise for the amount you eat.

It could be due to habits dating back to childhood or could date from a pregnancy or health issue. Many people tend towards emotional eating. Such as eating or drinking too much through boredom or stress.

The first step will be to assess and explore where you are now and then to create a tailored treatment plan.


What’s included in Hypnotherapy Weight Management?

My sessions include powerful resources to support you.

Hypnotherapy Weight Management treatment includes:

  • Questionnaires to help you explore your relationship with food and how it can be affected by your history or emotions
  • Setting goals – marking out where you are going
  • Clear ‘envisioning’ of the shape and weight target you want to attain.
  • Motivation – understanding what drives you
  • We use hypnosis to strengthen and power up your ‘Self Belief’ that you can achieve the results that you want.

Powerful thoughts help to create your reality while hypnosis can help you to truly believe in a successful future.

  • You may want to deal with ‘cravings’ for a particular type of food, such as chocolate or sugar ‘addictions’
  • We can also deal effectively with periodic ‘binge eating’
  • Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is a popular request. If desired, we can include this in a Weight Management program.


Extra resources included to reinforce the Weight Management hypnosis

  • Recordings that you can listen to at home.
  • Weekly handouts and exercises
  • Email support between sessions

Effective weight management through hypnosis is normally achieved in up to five sessions.


Special Offer (online sessions)

Single session – online by video call – £77

3 sessions booked together – £216

5 sessions booked together – £360


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