Client Reviews

Here are some recent client reviews, feedback and testimonials from my clients.

Amazing service

The service was excellent. Trish is a superb practitioner. I found the sessions extremely beneficial and easy to follow. My theme was weight loss and the support Trish offered was over and above what I paid for. Her generosity and dedication to her profession shone through. It was deeply appreciated. I’m still using the emailed worksheets she’s provided for back up and the downloaded recorded sessions.

Caroline HJ

Improved Sleep

I was referred to Trish for help with a very long standing sleep issue. Having tried all the usual remedies, I decided that having a go at Hypnotherapy could do me no harm.

I had no idea what would be involved but found the whole experience pleasing, relaxing and interesting. It has certainly provided me with another ‘tool’ to assist me and I have experienced a definite improvement after 3 sessions with Trish. I would certainly recommend others try it and hope they would have the same result.

Weight Management

I had four hypnotherapy sessions with Trish for eating and weight issues. As a result, my eating habits are much improved, and I have lost a modest amount of weight. I am a very satisfied customer!”


Calm and grounded

Trish is an exceptionally skilled practitioner and she has helped me a lot. In the sessions we have had together she has taken the time to really listen to me and consider the best approach for the issues I was facing. I loved the hypnotherapy which not only made me feel calm and grounded at the time but also gave me the tools to return this feeling when I needed to in my every day life. Trish practices in an intelligent and sensitive way and I would highly recommend her.


Changing a habit

Going to see Trish to sort out a habit I had developed that was making me feel very anxious was really helpful. I felt comfortable discussing it with her and it was a relief to do so. Trish made me feel that my problem wasn’t such a big deal and was probably exaggerated within my own mind. She used BWRT therapy which helped get rid of negative thought patterns and looked at imagining a better response to the habit I had developed. She also provided a series of brain exercises that I could do at home which really helped.

Confident Presentation

I’m pleased to report that the presenting went well and there were even a few comments about how confident I was!


Overcome nerves

I really enjoyed my BWRT session with Trish. It really helped me overcome my anxiety with giving presentations at work. I also couldn’t believe that after two sessions I was already able to overcome my nerves and give a presentation at work. I highly recommend working with Trish!

Nibby W

Effective stop smoking treatment

I came to see Trish in March for a stop smoking hypnosis. I had been trying to stop smoking for a year and had tried everything possible to stop but I kept going back. Trish was prompt, friendly and had availability to see me within A couple weeks of me making contact – I chose Trish because her price was affordable and now I realise what excellent value for money I received! It’s now been almost 3 months since I’ve seen Trish and I haven’t smoked once! I’ve amazed myself and now when I pass people in the street it makes me feel sick and I can’t believe I smoked for so long. My life has changed since stopping smoking and it’s the best decision I’ve made with such effective and quick results, I would highly recommend!

A. M.

Weight control

My weight was out of control following having tried every fad diet going. I read about Brain Working Recursive therapy in a magazine and thought it sounded an interesting way to try to lose weight. Trish is friendly and approachable. I was seeing her just before lockdown and despite the tribulations this has caused to everybody I have kept off the 6lb I lost.


Stop smoking now!

Trish is a miracle worker! Honestly, I am 33 years old and smoking was the bane of my life. Like most smokers, I hated it but loved and relied on it so much. I really didn’t think the day would come when I would be able to stop and not only that, not even think about it! I had heard so many horror stories of people white knuckling it and I felt defeated even thinking about quitting. I was put in touch with Trish and after one session – I was a non smoker!!

Nelly M

Overcoming Anxiety

I wanted to thank you so much for all your help. After twenty years of panic and anxiety the work that we did has really changed my life. Since our last sessions I’ve been feeling completely fine for ages. But last week I had some upsetting news and the old anxiety feeling seemed to start rising again. You’ll be pleased to hear that I dealt with it and was not overwhelmed. Thanks to the work we did I now have a way to cope and no longer fear it.

New found confidence

Thank you, Trish, for the excellent BWRT session we had recently. You helped me to clearly identify past successes on which I will be able to build the success I am looking for in my future.
The therapy has given me a new found confidence in my ability to reach the long term goals I had set myself and allowed me to put ideas into practice rather than leave them on the “drawing board”.
I feel a new person with no room for doubts. I would be happy to recommend your services. Regards, Alison.

Positive outlook

I was unsure how relevant hypnotherapy would be to my particular issues but had decided to give it a go since I was very curious about it. I am so glad I did. The sessions with Trish felt like a complete treat, something for me. Entering the therapy room was like a welcome escape from everyday life – it was very pleasant, relaxing, enjoyable, restorative. I gained a new perspective and it helped me to come through a really challenging time in my life with a more positive outlook.