Performance Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Performance Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for performance anxiety appointments are available in several locations in London. Appointments are available in Highgate, Queens Park, Angel Islington or London Bridge.

Hypnotherapy for performance anxiety is an effective way of dealing with the fears that arise about performing or speaking in public. For many people, the very thought of public speaking can create anxiety. But modern talking therapies such as Hypnotherapy and BWRT can treat that anxiety very effectively.

This type of anxiety can occur with people who are new to public speaking, but also with more experienced speakers:

It can cover:

  • Public speaking
  • Stage fright
  • Interview nerves
  • Occasional speeches
  • Work or student presentations
  • Speaking up in meetings or groups

Types of Performance Anxiety

Some people have fears related to being in the spotlight, or being the centre of attention. For example you might worry about losing your voice or forgetting your words. Or you might fear looking stupid in front of others or embarrassing yourself in some way.

This can be a problem for someone speaking publicly for the first time, for instance at a wedding. But equally the anxiety can affect even very experienced speakers or people used to being in the public eye.

Many people carefully avoid public speaking for much of their lives, even if their work might require them to do it on occasions.

How Performance Anxiety can be Treated

The good news is that public speaking is a skill that you can learn like any other. And the confidence that is needed to do it well is something that therapy can help to boost. You can use your imagination to help if you don’t have successful past experience to draw on.

Hypnotherapy and BWRT can be most effective in dealing with any anxiety you may have about speaking, and help you to give a polished, confident performance.

BWRT is a fast acting therapy which is usually ‘content-free’. That means it doesn’t require you to tell the therapist exactly what’s going on in your mind when you feel anxious, just to know how you’d prefer to feel instead. It can be especially effective with performance anxiety type issues.


Therapy and Coaching Tailored for You

You may know very well what you want to say and simply need some help with the way you feel when you deliver it. Sometimes people want more coaching, which might include the whole process of preparing a presentation. Whichever it is I can design a solution specially for you.

People often ask how many sessions they will need. This depends on how much assistance you feel you need, and how much time you have available. Usually between one and three sessions of therapy would assist your performance and help allay any nerves.

It may not even be formal public speaking or a full blown speech. Sometimes it’s simply about delivering your progress report in a meeting. Whatever the issue is, help is at hand. Get in touch now.