Confident Flying

Confident Flying plane wingHypnotherapy appointments for Fear of Flying are available at the Highgate Consulting Rooms, West Hill House, Swains Lane, Highgate.

Appointments are also available at the Fierce Grace Therapy Rooms in Kilburn Lane, Queens Park, and at City Road Therapy, City Road, EC1.


Confident Carefree Flying is a powerful antidote or treatment for the Fear of Flying or a Flying Phobia.

Would you like to overcome any fears and feel confident that you can manage your journey well? How about feeling so relaxed during the flight that you can overcome any jet lag and arrive refreshed at your destination?

Why do people develop a fear of flying? Everyone is unique and there may be a combination of factors. It is often something to do with a feeling of loss of control. Or it may be associated with previous negative experiences or media reports. A lack of information or understanding of the technicalities of the flying process could also contribute.

Once a fear of flying takes root you may find flying uncomfortable and even avoid it altogether if possible. But in today’s world you will curtail and narrow your experience so much by avoiding flying. There isn’t really a time-efficient alternative to allow you to take those holidays, business trips or occasional visits.

With hypnotherapy we can explore what the issues are in your case and find out what the factors are that contribute to flying being an uncomfortable experience. Then we will create powerful associations to make your flying experience comfortable and carefree.

In many cases the anxieties can start long before you get on the flight and are part of the lead up and preparation, the trip to the airport, the security processes and atmosphere before boarding the plane.

Ideally you would have time for more than one hypnotherapy session before your flight, but even with a single session, there is much that we can do to improve your flying experience.

Imagine being able to approach the flight with confidence, knowing that whatever takes place, you will take it under your wing and be able to enjoy your trip, feeling comfort, success and relaxation.

You can do it!