Resilience Building and Bouncing Back

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Resilience – It’s a word we hear a lot about these days. How can we develop more resilience to help us through challenging circumstances? The world outside is getting colder and greyer. It’s easy to see how we might feel helpless in the face of overwhelmingly negative news and outside pressures. So what can help […]

Winding down the Whirl of Worry

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Reduce worry hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can help to reduce worry and anxiety Do you tend to worry? Have your fears or anxieties been increasing? When is worry a normal reaction and when is it problematic? Worry is anxious or repetitive thinking. Of course, the current situation presents much to arouse our anxieties and keep them active. We are experiencing an […]

Online Stop Smoking Hypnosis – FAQs

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Online stop smoking hypnosis faqs

What is online Stop Smoking Hypnosis? It’s hypnosis or hypnotherapy to stop smoking, that takes place online via a video call platform like Zoom or Facetime. Does online hypnotherapy work as well as seeing a therapist face to face? It works just as well as having the therapy ‘in person’. There is also the advantage […]

Lose your lockdown weight with hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy weight loss scale

Have the last few months led to lockdown weight gain for you? A recent poll found that 48% of British people say they have put on weight during lockdown. There may be many reasons. What is it for you? Perhaps you’re working from home and the laptop is close to the fridge. It’s so easy […]

Online Hypnotherapy

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Woman on laptop online hypnotherapy

What to expect from Online Hypnotherapy? Online Hypnotherapy is taking off as never before, driven by the Covid-19 situation. But how does therapy work online and can it ever be as good as face to face? The good news is that in most cases online therapy works just as well. It also has some distinct […]

Non Judgment

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What is Non Judgment?   ‘Non Judgment’ is one of the seven attitudinal foundations of Mindfulness. In fact Mindfulness has been defined as ‘Being in the present with awareness and non judgment.’ Does that sound like fun, or a bit too saintly?   What does ‘Judgment’ mean here? The opinion that something is right or […]

Natural Happiness

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pink blossom buds

Using nature and the outdoors, in a therapeutic context, to improve mental wellbeing is known as Ecotherapy. It has been shown that there are many positive health benefits from connecting with nature. For city dwellers like me it can be hard to get close to nature, especially in Winter. But it has been proven that […]

Ways to be a Veggie Lover

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Vegetables on a plate

Lachanophobia is the phobia or fear relating to eating vegetables. We all know that fruit and vegetables are good for health. Today we hear the news that although five portions a day is good for us, ten is even better. It can reduce the incidence of heart disease, stroke and cancer by up to a […]