Online Hypnotherapy

Woman on laptop online hypnotherapy

What to expect from Online Hypnotherapy?

Online Hypnotherapy is taking off as never before, driven by the Covid-19 situation.

But how does therapy work online and can it ever be as good as face to face?

The good news is that in most cases online therapy works just as well. It also has some distinct advantages.

Let’s look at online hypnotherapy in some detail.

It’s becoming much more popular. Over the last few years I’ve been seeing more and more people online and work with people all over the world.

First of all what do you need to get started?

When I offer therapy online I use a video call system such as Zoom or Whatsapp.

  • You will just need a computer with webcam or a smartphone to access the sessions. It’s also important to have reliable internet access and to keep up a good connection for the session.
  • But rest assured that in case of any problems, we can always use phone and email to back up the session and support you. And if you are unable to connect online for any reason, you could still have a telephone session.
  • I take some precautions at the start of each session so you know exactly what to do if we lose our connection.
  • Try to make sure you have a private place where you won’t be disturbed. For hypnotherapy it’s also good to have a comfortable chair.

What are advantages of online hypnotherapy?

Just imagine the luxury of having a bespoke therapist helicoptering in to you in the comfort of your own home.

  • It can take away the stress of rushing to get to an unfamiliar place on time. No need to worry about travelling or parking.
  • And you can find it easier to fit in a session at a convenient time. The whole process is quicker and takes less time our of your busy schedule.
  • It can also be cost-effective. In most cases it costs the therapist less to run an online session and, like me, they may pass this cost saving on to their clients.

But are there any disadvantages?

For you as the client there should be no downside to receiving therapy online. But it’s important for the therapist to adjust their style to suit online therapy. Every experienced therapist should be doing this.

For example when they see you in person, a hypnotherapist has the advantage of watching you carefully to see exactly what you are experiencing. Because the therapist can’t see you quite so clearly online, they need to build in safeguards to make sure nothing is missed.

Will I go into a trance online and is it safe?

Yes it is safe. I am very experienced and know which techniques can be used safely when working remotely. I will do everything to keep you safe and will take all precautions.

  • The therapies I offer online are hypnotherapy and BWRT (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy). Both of these can be just as effective online as they are face to face.
  • With BWRT you will be fully awake throughout the session. So it’s just as easy and just as effective to have BWRT online as it is in person.
  • With hypnotherapy, every session starts with some discussion and for the majority of the session you will be wide awake. You will normally go into a ‘trance’ or super-relaxed state for a part of the session. If for some reason it would not be completely safe to deliver the therapy online, I will always let you know and we can consider another alternative.
  • All my hypnotherapy sessions are reinforced by recordings and email support between sessions.

So what can I expect from therapy?

These are some of the ways I can support you with online therapy

  • All therapy starts with an initial consultation. This is a free chat or video session, where you can explain what you need help with. I will also explain the therapy and answer your questions.
  • Based on our chat I will recommend a specific therapy and treatment plan.
  • For hypnotherapy based plans, you can expect a blended mix of therapies tailored especially for you. This is backed up with bespoke audio recordings, telephone and email support.
  • You may also get practical homework exercises and tasks to help you embed the changes.

So why not try out some online hypnotherapy?

After all, technology is best when it brings people together.