Online Stop Smoking Hypnosis – FAQs

Online stop smoking hypnosis faqs

What is online Stop Smoking Hypnosis?

It’s hypnosis or hypnotherapy to stop smoking, that takes place online via a video call platform like Zoom or Facetime.

Does online hypnotherapy work as well as seeing a therapist face to face?

It works just as well as having the therapy ‘in person’. There is also the advantage that you can receive therapy in the comfort of your own home. That means you don’t have to worry about travelling or being late. Or about getting home afterwards when you’re feeling very calm and relaxed.

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Is online hypnosis an easy way to stop smoking?

You need to be strongly motivated when you stop smoking. But hypnotherapy can be used very effectively to build and strengthen your motivation. As long as you really want to stop and are convinced of all the benefits of stopping, hypnotherapy can support you to stop very successfully.

How many sessions of stop smoking hypnosis will I need?

I help smokers to quit smoking with a single 90 minute session of hypnosis. The price also includes a further session, if needed. But because I use a method with a very high success rate, the vast majority of people will never need the second session.

Can you guarantee that I will stop smoking with hypnotherapy?

It is never possible to make a guarantee because your smoking is under your own control. Everyone is different and one person’s responses are not always the same as another’s. However you can rest assured that I will do everything within my power to give you the best possible chance of success in stopping smoking. While there is no’ guarantee’, the method I use has a very high success rate.

Will I have withdrawal symptoms after stopping smoking?

Most signs of withdrawal die out within about three days of stopping. The extent to which you notice them will depend, to a certain extent, on how much attention you pay to them. Some people who have stop smoking hypnosis do not notice any withdrawal at all. Even if you do notice some, it gets weaker and weaker with each passing day.

Will I get cravings for tobacco after stopping smoking?

As with the withdrawal symptoms, some people will never notice any cravings. If they do, they will be aware that you can just notice the craving without giving in to it. In a very short space of time the craving disappears. Every time you ‘ride out’ a craving like that, the cravings get weaker.

What happens in an online stop smoking hypnotherapy session?

We spend the first part of the session talking about the background to your smoking and your reasons for wanting to stop. We will talk about the part that smoking had played in your life and all the different ways that you will be able to manage without smoking in the future. Then we will go on to do the hypnotherapy. Afterwards it’s usual to feel positive and exhilarated, looking forward to the future.

What about support after my online stop smoking session?

I supply handouts and recordings to assist and support you after the hypnotherapy session. And you also have the option of a further session if you find that you need it, included in the price.

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